Get Togethers are informal, fun evenings with natural or created icebreakers to get everyone mixing and chatting. These events include Ten Pin Bowling, Toboggan or Ski & Fondue and Social Evenings. Social evenings / Get Togethers are where we put together a range of light quizzes and games then move everyone around to maximise their chances of chatting to everyone who is at the event. These events are a favourite with many of our new comers as it’s very easy to meet and make friends in this environment. Usually twenty to thirty guests though we have had as many as fifty clients turn out in the winter months.

Events by county:
date type location price availability
Sat 29 Sep Blackheath Pub Evening, 40+ Blackheath, London £ 10.00 M + F Details
Sat 6 Oct Greenwich River Pub Walk, 40+ Greenwich, London £ 10.00 M + F Details
Sat 17 Nov Chislehurst Pub Evening, 45+ Chislehurst, Kent £ 10.00 M + F Details
Sat 24 Nov Southbank River Pub Walk, 40+ London, London £ 10.00 M + F Details
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